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Do You Queer What I Queer?

Do you queer what I queer? Likely not- depending on what you're tuned in to- if you're tuned in at all. Join us on our Toronto-based podcast with hosts super dumb, super queer Elliott and Thom. #DYQWIQ serves as a platform for diverse voices of politics and human interest in the LGBTQ community to educate, entertain, and expand world-views of listeners. Sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes ridiculous, always relevant, DYQWIQ fumbles through the messy world of identity politics as we broaden the collective perspective of the LGBTQ community

Jul 16, 2019

Special guest Gilad joins DYQWIQ to promote Jayu and the iAM program's Am I Wrong To Love?: a photography exhibition showcasing LGBTQI refugees. Gilad talks the inception of Jayu, his podcast The Hum, and the important intersection of art and activism. Elliott, Thom, and Gilad discuss how to be a straight ally. 

Jul 9, 2019

In this "only family" episode Elliott warns Thom of the UN vote implicating international protections of LGBTQ+ folk and goes in on anti-queer violence in Tanzania. Thom gives a worldwide rundown of queer rights and educates Elliott on some ancient history of queer folk. Our duo pretends to know things and reflects on...

Jul 2, 2019

Special guest and lyricist-singer-composer past-lawyer queer asian carb-lover Kevin Wong joins DYQWIQ this week to discuss composing his EP "Emotional Homework", representation in theatre, keeping shame out of art, his teen fringe show "Drama 101" and his marriage. Thom raves about trans actor Hunter Schafer, and...

Jun 24, 2019

Special guest and investigative journalist Justin Ling discusses fostering queerness, joy, and his most recent project, Uncover: The Village, a CBC podcast that follows the Bruce McArthur case and cold cases dating back to 1975. Thom and Elliott pretend to be human after Toronto Pride. 

Jun 18, 2019

Special guest Olive joins DYQWIQ to discuss feminisms (plural!), the duty of fostering queerness, the power of community, and daily disruptions within oppressive structures. Thom celebrates Botswana’s decriminalization of homosexuality and Elliott discusses the epidemic of violence against trans women of colour in...